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Meet the Jewellery Makers: Why we like working with semi precious stones

Firstly, what you can expect from our blog posts from now on. We will explain the origin of gemstone names, a gemstone list of healing properties and how they have been traditionally used by jewellery makers for centuries in traditional pieces such as birthstone bracelets, earrings and necklaces, or simply for standout accessories in many cultures around the world.

So where to start? We thought we would introduce ourselves and our brand, and relay our passion for semi precious stones, and why we started Mosaico Jewellery.


Meet the jewellery makers: Paula and Jenny from Mosaico Jewellery

 Paula and Jenny: Friends and co-founders


Our founders Paula and Jenny met in London in the mid 2000s, working together at a jewellery store in High Street Kensington. Their professional path took different directions, but the friendship stayed strong until today. Their shared love for selling luxurious jewellery online and for creating unusual jewellery designs are also impossible not to notice.

We asked Jenny what it is about working with natural stones in particular that she loves, and what are the gemstones she enjoys the most.

“I love the incredible natural colours, markings and shapes of the semi-precious gemstones we work with – I could stare at them all day! Each stone is unique, and their natural imperfections often make them more interesting to me than the ones other people may consider ‘perfect’. It fascinates me how different elements in the earth combine to produce such beautiful gifts, which for centuries women have worn as jewellery to celebrate their femininity, power & individuality.

Although I love creating bold and elegant statement jewellery designs, sometimes simplicity is best when it comes to celebrating the stones natural beauty. Less is more! I’m quite into Pearl jewellery at the moment. I love its energy and healing properties, and how effortlessly they add to any outfit”


Pearl earrings

Summer Rose Earrings: Mother of Pearl cluster earrings showcasing a carved in the shape of a heart Mother of Pearl stone.


She continues: "When producing our handmade jewellery designs, we aim to make the gemstones the focus, choosing the settings to best compliment the natural markings and colours of the stones themselves. 

Recently we have designed pieces using stunning Brazilian Agates, Lapis lazuli, Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye, Pearls, Citrines and Amazonite to name a few. We love discovering new ways to feature all the natural stones we find."

Paula’s passion for all types of gemstones is also infectious and began at a very young age. We asked about her childhood and how she found her style. 

“I was born in Brazil on a beautiful island called Florianopolis. Growing up on an island was great, as you feel so close to nature and the beach. Jewellery has really been my love since I was a child. I used to hang clothes labels on my ears, to pretend they were big long earrings. When I was a teenager I was given my first pair of dangly earrings, it was amazing!

In Brazil, people use jewellery and accessories to really demonstrate their sense of style and personality. For this purpose, Gold and Silver alone cannot give the variety that colourful gemstone jewellery can. There is a great variety of colours and types available, so you are bound to find jewels that reflect your individuality and taste. It is about celebrating ‘you’ and expressing yourself through colourful statement jewellery.

 Mookaite necklace layered with Spinel necklace and Mookaite bracelet

 Featuring: Lotus necklace, Carrie Bracelet and Rainbow necklace - Mookaite and Spinel gemstones

One of my favourite services we offer is our ability to design and make bespoke jewellery. It means people can share our passion for semi-precious stone jewellery but make a piece that is truly one of a kind, and made specially to that person’s taste. For example, you saw Amethyst earrings in our website but you would like that it was in Coral gemstone instead. We can make that happen for you!

Customised jewellery can be worn again and again and the feeling will be always special. That is the feeling that we want all Mosaico customers to have when wearing our handcrafted jewellery designs.”

You can expect more beautiful lariats, long necklaces, unique handmade bracelets and necklaces, and statement earrings - being that chandelier earrings, long drop earrings or studs. Unique semi-precious gemstone jewellery made of high-quality gemstones and metals. All sourced from ethically conscious wholesalers, who hold relevant accreditations.

Inspired and holding cultural influences from around the world, made in the UK.


What are your favourite types of gemstones? Is there anything you’d like to see in our next collection? Do you have a love for a particular type of unusual jewellery? Feel free to drop us a line at